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The Staff

The staff at Powers Park are all local students, many of whom took lessons in our Red Cross Certified Learn to Swim program when they were younger.


Our lifeguards are all Red Cross certified, and our aides (swimming, sports, tennis and arts/crafts) are First Aid/CPR certified. We also have a WSI certified instructor on staff who helps coach and train the instructor/lifeguards as well as assesses all of the swimmers in the program, advancing them through the Red Cross swim levels.


We hire enthusiastic students who make great instructors! 

A bit of Powers Park history...

Powers Park has held a unique position in the town of Lyndonville for 101 years, since 1915 when the first pond was completed for local children to learn to swim. Washington Irving Powers willed $13,000 to the town of Lyndon, which purchased a 25-acre grove from the Boston and Maine Railroad. The grove had been used for revival meetings, quilting bees and horse-trading. Mr. Powers envisioned a much larger park with a playground, a picnic area and nature trails. His daughter was a member of the Lyndon Village Improvement Society (VIS), which performed beautification projects throughout town.  Over the years a swimming pond, clapboard pool house, changing rooms and bathrooms were added to 'Powers Park'. In the 1950's, an in-ground swimming pool and two tennis courts were constructed. The existing pool and filtration system were built in 1985 with the help of a grant from the Land Water Conservation Fund.  In 1986, VIS acquired its 501(3)c status for the sole purpose of running the summer recreation programs for the local community, and maintaining the Park for community use year-round. This year, 2016, we again were awarded the LWCF grant for $50,000 and with the help of many generous donations and a $25,000 appropriation from the town, we were able to finish $100,000 in pool surface and bathhouse renovations. 


Pool Rules


  • Please walk at all times

  • Be respectful of others and equipment

  • Please use the playground (not the fence) for climbing

  • Balls should only be used in the grassy areas, outside of fence

  • No hanging on ladders, ropes, or diving board

  • Follow the instructions of the Lifeguards

  • When the whistle is blown, everyone needs to get out of the water - includes kiddie pool

  • Stay within the level that you swim

  • Keep all food, drinks, gum, and/or band-aides behind the red line

  • Diving is allowed in 9 feet or deeper - NO back flips or back dives

  • Front flips are at the discretion of the guards on duty - please ask permission of the guard in the deep end

  • Keep flutter boards above water

  • Use the bathroom, not the pool

  • Those swimming in the deep end or going off the diving board must complete a swimming test

  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicyles, etc. are not allowed inside the fence

  • Animals are allowed only in the grassy areas, outside of the fence

  • Goggles must be removed before using the diving board


Failure to follow these rules or any others indicated by the guard(s) on duty may result in expulsion from the pool and/or the park property.

Our Mission


The mission of the Village Improvement Society is to provide a fun, affordable summer program for local children that promotes physical activity and the arts in a safe, downtown, outdoor setting. We ensure that all children are provided with the right criteria for learning and are placed in the appropriate level for their specific needs. Children are taught by certified lifeguards whom have taken all courses to be able to provide the right instructional information. Powers Park is open to the community and surrounding towns.

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