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Mission Statement


Current Board 2020 Season
Sarah Jewell
Vice President
Heather Tanner
Sarah Lafferty
Amy South


If you are interested in joining Powers Park, consider volunteering for one of our committees described below. We are always looking for new people to get involved. If you're interested send an email to


The maintenance committee will handle all matters concerning the maintenance and functionality of all powers park equipment, grounds and facilities. This includes, the pool, pavilion, tennis courts and playground.

Community Partnerships

The community partnerships committee will work towards fostering connections and building relationships that would benefit the V.I.S. This includes relationships with; vendors, town administrative officials, day cares and other area non-profits.


Fundraising & Grants

The Fundraising & Grants committee will research, develop and administer potential grant and funding opportunities for the V.I.S.



Programming committee will develop, support, and grow current and newly developed programming for the V.I.S. The programs would include utilize the pool, tennis courts, playground and open areas of the park.


Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing and Public Relations committee would support the V.I.S’ mission and goals by utilizing effecting marketing strategies and public outreach through media channels. This would include (but is not limited too) managing the website, social media pages and community media connections such as newspapers and television.

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