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Mission Statement

Open Swim

Powers Park offers open swim hours open to the public, during the week.
2023 Hours
June 29-July3, August 4, August 7-11:   Monday - Friday 12-4 pm

July 6-August 3:  Monday - Friday 2-4 pm
Drop in Fee $5 per session or buy a Season Pass for $70
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Pool Rules


  • Please walk at all times

  • Be respectful of others and equipment

  • Please use the playground (not the fence) for climbing

  • Balls should only be used in the grassy areas, outside of fence

  • No hanging on ladders, ropes, or diving board

  • Follow the instructions of the Lifeguards

  • When the whistle is blown, everyone needs to get out of the water - includes kiddie pool

  • Stay within the level that you swim

  • Keep all food, drinks, gum, and/or band-aides behind the red line

  • Diving is allowed in 9 feet or deeper - NO back flips or back dives

  • Front flips are at the discretion of the guards on duty - please ask permission of the guard in the deep end

  • Keep flutter boards above water

  • Use the bathroom, not the pool

  • Those swimming in the deep end or going off the diving board must complete a swimming test

  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicyles, etc. are not allowed inside the fence

  • Animals are allowed only in the grassy areas, outside of the fence

  • Goggles must be removed before using the diving board


Failure to follow these rules or any others indicated by the guard(s) on duty may result in expulsion from the pool and/or the park property.

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